Book Cover by Zarla Dawn. Image Mockup by Her Creative Studio.

I Released a New Erotica Story Collection — Sensual Groups

Zarla Dawn
2 min readMay 21


I just released a new erotica story collection e-book called Sensual Groups: 10 Group Sex Erotica Stories.

It’s live now on Amazon and it should be going live on other book retailers (Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.) in the next couple of days. It’s currently ‘publishing’ on those sites, but it might be a bit slower than usual because it’s a weekend.

Sensual Groups features some of the same group sex stories that I’ve published here on Medium, so it’s possible to read all the stories here (click for a link to my group sex stories list).

You can find Sensual Groups here on and here on This will be the wide link for other sites, but it isn’t showing up those retailers yet.

I made the cover for the e-book myself using stock art from Depositphotos and some Photoshop brushes I’ve licensed. I like creating covers, and I format my books myself now (I use Atticus for my erotica books, as it’s handy and works on my laptop), so it’s good to create so many aspects of them myself.

I’m planning to publish another erotica collection e-book as well in the near future (a M/F one that I’m thinking of calling Inside Me).

I appreciate all the encouragement and support I get here. One of the things I love best about publishing on Medium is all the nice feedback I get for my stories, and the conversations I have here.

I should have another new erotic short story for you on Medium by late tomorrow evening. I haven’t decided which pairing to write yet. Any preferences?



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