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My Eighth and Ninth Months in the Medium Partner Program

Zarla Dawn
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I like to give updates about my experience with the Medium Partner Program (MPP), and it’s about time I gave another one. I didn’t post an update last month, so this post comprises the last two months.

I haven’t been posting stories super-frequently on Medium, but I have been posting consistently. I post an erotica story each Monday night, which usually ends up being in the early hours of Tuesday morning. I’m a night owl and it’s when I inevitably end up doing most of my story writing.

I’m posting all new stories now (some of my early ones were prior stories I’d written, but I’m writing all new content now and it takes me time to write it). I’m running a design business as well, writing books etc, and that tends to be what slows me down (as well as everyday life).

So to get to the point here, my MPP earnings over the last two months have been relatively low for me, but they would be as I’ve only been posting weekly stories and the occasional article/non-fiction post (mainly to promote my books I’ve released).

In May 2023, I earned $29.97 and in April, I earned $44.20 USD. That’s not too bad given the number of stories I’m publishing, but it was certainly higher in the past when I was publishing more content on Medium.

If you’re interested in my earnings from previous months, you can find my posts about the Medium Partner Program on this list of mine:

Articles about Self-publishing

32 stories

I usually give an update on the number of followers I have. I currently have 2,868 followers and 53 email subscribers. I don’t have any referred members yet. In April, I had around 160 less followers at the end of the month. I gained 5 new email subscribers during May.

Email subscriber numbers are important because those people are much more likely to see your posts. It’s my understanding that posts don’t always show up on your followers’ feeds. They only show up on a small percentage of them (based on what I’ve read on Medium).

So that’s how things stand with me here. While it’s not big money, it helps inspire me to keep writing, contributes to my overall earnings, and I know I can earn more if I put the time into writing here. It’s fairly reliable at this stage, and writing income seldom is.

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